Our Mission

Our goal with G.R.A.C.E. is to place 30 people a month into treatment either by scholarship or financial assistance. We raise money to provide people with transportation to treatment, pay for necessary medications, and the cost of the actual therapy. We follow the people through their treatment and aftercare to provide additional support. We want people to get the treatment they deserve. It is our belief that access to quality treatment is a right. We will only release scholarship funding to facilities that are Joint Commission accredited and have been open for at least 3 years.

The reality that faces many communities across our country is the lack of access to quality care and treatment for those in need of rehabilitation. Many municipalities struggle with a lack of resources and options as to where to place people suffering from addiction. Unfortunately, this creates and endless loop of hopelessness where people do not have the financial ability to seek the help they need, thus turning to crime, and where community institutions have no means of providing the help to their community.

G.R.A.C.E. is here to break this cycle and to bring hope back to the communities and their institutions.

We work with the local police departments of affected communities as a means of facilitating access to rehabilitation centers that would otherwise be inaccessible to the person in question. By connecting with as many police departments throughout the country we aim to break the incarceration cycle, and access to a criminal education, by offering the opportunity to choose rehabilitation before prison.